Sunday, June 21, 2009

sydney im cuminggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehe so orgasmic..
im xcited n little bit neves...but cant wait to go there..
its winter time right i bought some winter clothin to warm me up there...
huhu wish me luck for the assessment k..
n dont ever hope that i will buy anything for u guys..
i dun have money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
etihad watch up! im cummingggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

ground school in memory(hopefully)

i just finish my caa2 exam so relieve cuz i have no more exam after this(if not fail the exam.)hoping everything will i have to prepare for the assessment..quite nervous for that..cuz i never i attend any psychometric exam b4..
so im just keep practicing from "the book" that i got from uncle nazri(not even an uncle actually)and Qantas examples question and i also(say it like capt chopra said) updating my general knowledge tru ternet and listening 'complicated' from yong page. a song from avril lavine(betul ke eja ni?) 5 years a go..1 of the songs that i memorize(lagu negaraku..lagu selangor..lagu kelantan..apft..and lagu unikl..yg len aku xtau..)i still remember when najib n cenoi forced me to memorized this song for a day only..secara gigih nye aku membeli album avril ni..then new prob came..the lyrics..its hand writing! da la buruk tulisan dia..kene dgr blk lagu ni banyak kali..
so sampai skrg la aku ingat lagu pompuan ni...
cekgu:teringat zaman skolah je memanjang..hehe

Thursday, June 4, 2009

jgn tikam buah pinggang aku!!!

cekgu:gigih aku menulis blog pkul 2 pagi!!!
there 2 things yg i missed today..
but both drama were related each semua salah faz!!
dia ajak aku bersukan(cuci mate haha) sampai malam!
just back from 'besukan' pastuh dengar org bertekak kat luar.
gigih memasang telinga...hehe n knew got drama there(suke2!!)haha
so i text all my informers!
mmg ade drama! rugi aku xde on that time! cis!
trus mendapatkan informer...e
em...interesting gak citer nyer..
from what i got from the informer siap ade ugut2 lg..
berderau darah dgr.. mampus la!janji aku dlm diri aku
(yg aku lebeh ni nape??aku xrelated pun ngan drama tersebut)
but like always hyperbolic is my forte!!hehe
em..what do u think when u said something bad about some1 bad behavior but then u did worst than that..
i think this is what happen to the guy yg created the drama..

makcik da ready nak pukul kepada sesiape yg buat hal tau!

cekgu:ade ke faz sruh aku ade unsur2 nasihat dlm ucapan akhir aku..aku bukan cekgu biase le!aku cekgu yg slalu dlm dvd lucah.mampus!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Penikaman Beramai-ramai!!!

there lot of drama happen in my batch right now..but its happen very quietly..waiting for the explosion maybe..
hehe as an observer i cant wait to see the result..hehe..its sound fun to share with kan..hehe..n i knew that im part of the story..but whos care.. no one perfectkan..
but im having fun around with that drama..hehe call me evil!hehe

there have underground team right now..n i want see how far the group will advice is...... i really dont care what try to do but please dont too comfortable to be dominant..
u know what happen if u wrong step kan..
no one perfect in this world just having fun of it..

dignity is the word!
thank u..
hope we still a fren..cuz im just normal guy that really love drama happen around me..
n trust me im not back stabber..
cekgu: salah kakak aku..dia suke tgok drama2 melayu(dulu la) sampai nangis2..da effect kehidupan aku..hehe