Friday, July 31, 2009

sydney and melbourne(no h1n1)

hehe im home now.. internet not slow like before so..i can update some pictures i took at melbourne and sydney untuk tatapan bersama..semoga anda dapat mengambil iktibar..ceewah!

cekgu:aku pening nak manage gambar pandai2 la korg tgok..hehe

Sunday, July 26, 2009

my best day!(so far la...)

waa...i really miss my blog..sorry i h qt bz currently to update my blog..all this bcuz i have to fly almost everyday!and the internet macam haram haram lambatnyer...
i did my 1st solo flight today...even though its only taken about 15 minutes..but its took 1 week to make my instructor to allowed me to do the solo..
i got really bad feedback from him regarding my flying with him before..
he said im too slow..unconscious...and so many bad word came from his mouth..and today...was my day(besok nak kene fly ngan dia gak...harap2 ok...)
thanks to my family and frens..cuz xhenti2 doakan aku...
my friend said my radio call like bapok..
xpe2 bsok aku buat suare pierce brosnan!