Saturday, May 23, 2009

bertunang mari!

I’m helping my parent counting all the moneys that we got from guests just now.(I call it ‘salam berkaut’ shake ur hand and the same time give an 'angpau'
While counting the moneys I heard very haunting joke from my father..

Ayah: da berape yen(me)?
Me: da 3 ribu lebih..
Ayah: ni kalau da 4 ribu da cukup buat kenduri tunang yen ni..
Me: ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(terus pengsan 6 jam!!!)

Em.. im going back to kelantan tonight..tired.sad, bored(back to kelantan ofcuz!)all feeling mix together..
But Alhamdulillah(buat macam fazri) everything on the track(the wedding)..Thanks to all my frens that came to my house yesterday… I don’t have time to update the picture yet (maybe latter on) since I’ll be bz with my coming exam early next month...wish me luck!

Cekgu: ade sesape x nak tunang ngan aku???

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my sis

tomorrow im going back to kl!!horey!
but i have mission to do..on the next day..(thusday)
i have to go to cameron highland(again) to memborong bunge for my sis weddn..
asliza or i call her "mama" will come with me..
hhuhu i love cameron highland so much..feel like want to go there for every weekend..
sejok woo..em i will do all the arrangement for the wedding..(my family run a catering) n will helped by pak ABU from airasia...haha

em..the sad thing is my sis will move out after the quite close with her..she always listen to my problem and very supportive(morally n moneyly..haha ade ke moneyly?)btw i pray for her new stage of life..hope shes n her husband abg acap berbahgia slalu..(jgn wish bahgia hgga ke anak cucu..t bercerai lepas dpt cucu camne??)

so all readers u ll r invited to my sis wedding this coming Saturday...
call me or msg me if u want direction to my house k...

warne2 bunge yg hendak digunakan time weddn t..
boleh kah pak abu merialisasikan impian tersebut??hahaha

cekgu: to faezah n fahmi...selamat pengantin baru..sorry xdpt di kelantan..

Friday, May 15, 2009

etihad assessment

i got this email from etihad last 2 days..

Dear Candidate,

We are pleased to inform you that your first stage of assessment for Etihad Airways’ Cadet Pilot Programme will be held at 09.00 a.m. on 26th June, 2009 at the Crowne Plaza / Norwest Sydney/1 Columbia Court /Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153, Australia

Please see here under details and information about the assessment:

· The assessment will last approximately 4 hours and will consist of 6 Aptitude Tests, there will be no interview.

· Our policy is not to provide any further details about the tests.

· Travel arrangements to the assessment location are your responsibility; Etihad Airways will not reimburse or pay for you for transportation, visa and travel costs.

· Etihad Airways does not provide any letters or formal invitations for the purpose of visa issuance.

· You should arrive up to 30 minutes prior to your confirmed time in order to register your attendance. Any late arrivals will not be included in the session, so please arrive promptly.

then i straight away called my mum..
she told me that my dad already saved money for me to go to the assessment..
huhuhu im so lucky bcoz i have very supporting parent..
mak n ayah...i will make u proud!!
em..but my fren..mie he also got the invitation but he has the money problem..i wish i can pay for him cuz i know how much he wants this..
pakcik(ayah mie..)bg la dia pegi..kesian dia..dia nak sgt pegi..
dlm laptop dia banyak gambar abu dhabi..kat frenster page pun etihadnyer theme..
hes very smart.he always got highest marked for class kind big opportunity for la dia try..

cekgu: wish me luck k!!! thanks ain n yun cuz read my crap..hehe

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The unplanned plan

Last Thursday night me, athif and mie sent ali( my batch mates) to kota bharu airport. He went back to kl on that night cuz we have 3 days holiday for wesak and since I just came back from kl lst 2 weeks so i plan to spend my money(my parent actually) for anything else.emm..after I sent Ali we straight away to a kedai nearby our hostel..zuma(also my batch mate)was waiting for us to break our fasting day(bayar nazar psal lepas exam)

7.40pm While eating zuma told us how his life in uk before(during his study) how he addicted smoking(he stoped now) while drinking coke and watching football during winter..from his face I do believe he really enjoy it! Then mie said here(kelatan) tersangat la panas..then I said kat cameron sejuk then zuma said “ape kate holiday ni korg g cameron ?” haha why not??

1130pm surprise..surprise…athif,mie and I already ondaway to cameron highland!

Around 1 am we arrived gua musang and get some rest ..we went to a RnR near the gas station and ordered coconut shake and kepok lekor..haha coconut shake pukul 1 pagi?? Then around 2 am we start back our journey to cameron athif was the PIC( pilot in command) before that im the PIC and mie have no licence so he’s became a navigator. At 1 t junction I don’t know to turn letf or right and luckily on that junction there have a hawk and 3 gadis manis, then we asked direction to cameron high land.

Me: tumpang tanye camne nak g cameron.

Si gadis manis: abe masuk simpei(simpang) kiri ni pastu strettttt je…pahtu(lepas itu) jumpo simpang tigo masuk simpei tu.

me(lelaki manis): terima kaseh yer..

si gadis manis(sgt manis): singgah dulu be..

me:bsok abe singgah yer..(sambil melambai2)

0300 am we arrived berinchang tersangat la sejuk!

terima kasih gadis manes!!!

huhu isap cigar pukul 2 pagi kat cameron highland..sgt layan..(im not smoker)

makan strawberry plus ice cream plus biskut(mie suke ni)


menunaikan impian zuma...

homestay...bes gak tempat ni..murah...

makan icecream skali lg..kat strawberry farm sambil dilayan oleh dayang pengkid..

cekgu: kene buat btul2 ni..rihul(english teacher) pun usha aku nye blog..hehe

Monday, May 4, 2009

Today I just wanna talk about happy things!cuz to day is my happiest day(so far)hehe

1st: my CA6 results, I just got result today and Alhamdulillah I pass all the subjects!!huhu..i was tingling while waiting my fren pass the result paper to me because im sitting at the last seat so im the last person knew the result…huhuhu tersangatlah lega…..thanks to all my family, instructors and my frens for the support! And congrats to my entire batch mate! We did it!!
Lihat lah dunia!!! Haha macam menang award plak!

cik maimon and cekgu on oscar red carpet carpet..gata pompuan ni..habeh semuo laki dio polok..laki org pun dio nak polok.den da kobar jgn pakai baju seksi..dio dogel pakai jugak ar..(mengeluh cekgu ketika itu)

2nd: I saw the list of medal award winner was updated and written there my lovely fren amirul won the top gun for the batch 08… proud of him and immediately I sent him sms to told him about the bertambah la fames budak itu..i tried to take picture for that but unluckily it’s been placed in the dark side(same as the skin of the winner hehe). There have a joke about the top gun winner.. u have to have dark skin color to win the probably I will be the top gun!haha because hitam itu kualiti kan..hehe..and amirul..He’s working (just started) with airsia now and I hope he puts my name in free ticket list…amirul anda sangat kacak!hehehe

3rd: my fren afifi. He just 22 years old but he can afford to have a house hence a car coming soon(grand lavina lagi.. ) I still remember his face when he told me that he didn’t get offer uitm for further study. He really want be in that university tp xdak rezki then he started looking for jobs..few month after that he told me that he got a job from bank Islam(as a money tailor bukan jahit baju k). As a former pembaca doa at my school… he suit for that bank.. hehehe..he’s expert for that (in reciting the doa)even Iqbal( my school mate) struggling hard to beat him for that position(he’s a chef right now). 2 years after that he told me he just bought a house at pretty surprise on that age he can afford for that I do believe they are few people still cannot buy a house even reaching 30 years old. Now days he's working with HSBC I don’t know the position but I know when he gets his salary (hehe) Then last month he told me that he wants buy a car..grand lavina(Toyota) and start his business huhuhu he’s on his track now. I’m so proud of him and hope he will success with the business and spend more money on me..hehehe em to all girls out there..he’s still single..(maybe he’s a gay…we never know..hahaha)

afifi,cenoi,cekgu and the bull..whos the most handsome??

yup even a superman go to the school

4th: I came back from jogged this evening and I saw a pakcik wearing kain batik and topless!!! So cute la pakcik! He smiled at me and I replied with big sexy happy meal smile..hehe what I love about kelantanese people is they are very friendly..i still remember when I on my way going back from jogging a makcik gave me sebungkus pisang goreng..baik kan?? And all these adding sugar in my sweet happy day!

berjogging sampai disini....cantik kan..but bulu hidung kene lebat bcoz bau dia mcm haram....

Cekgu : I still have lot of my frens still making their history and I am wishing them what their wishing for..teringin nak order happy meal…

Sunday, May 3, 2009

i just started!!

actually i was thinking to have a blog since last year but being hiatus a while since I bz with a new life style in Kelantan..Hehehe. Hence I just finish my CA6 exam. Don’t know the result yet but I put lot of hope there since I study mcm orang giler for that..It is important exam..u can’t be an airlines pilot if u fail the exam..and the scary is lot of my senior fail the exam and keep re sit the exam(keep failing…huhuhu) thanks to all my friend that wished me luck for those day.. so today is my 1st blog`s post..hope u will like it
my room just a week before the exam...

This week I just started my CA2 class..means that have 2 papers that I have to face on(CA6 means 6 papers).. After that I’ll be free with theory part..but i still in holiday mood…they only gave us 5 days holiday…the shortest holiday in CA6 history..before this they gave about 2 weeks holiday…not fair..(just like my face..hehehe give me fair n lovely plisssss...)

emm...yesterday I went to pantai sagok(if Im not wrong) my frens abau,hendra,azhar, lionel and i planned to go to fishing there..huhuhu but we only have 3 rods so im just observer(mmg xreti mancing pun).so i just walked on the shore..and have small fire house there..i never know kelantan have a such beauty place like that!! Its really calm and peaceful here..and end of the day we got 3 fish 2 kerapu and another mystery fish I called it kerapu batu. …hehe

the kerapu batu!!

hendra is fishing and im watching...

see the beach...